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rdkRecords' First Customer Review

From:               Jessica Weaver-06
Sent :                Tuesday, July 6, 2004 3:17 PM
To :                  "Richard D. Kaye" <rdkRecords>
Subject :           Re: "The Little Prince"

 Greetings, Mr. Kaye-

I just received the CD in the mail today, much to my xcitement! If you've been in contact with my father, I'm sure he's told you how eagerly I've awaited its arrival.  Anyway, I love the design of the CD, and was overjoyed to hear the narration again.  I actually had the cassette tape when I was younger, but misplaced it, and had been completely unable to find it.  Anyway, I absolutely love this recording-

Thank you for being my fellow "Little Prince" aficionado.  Above all, thanks for reuniting me with one of my favorite recordings of all time!