Born New York, 13th January 1918.

His songs include:

“Till The End Of Time
“A You’re Adorable”
“This Is No Laughing Matter”
“Full Moon And Empty Arms”
“Til The End Of Time”

… and many, many more hits and standards. Over 400 published songs selling in excess of 70 million records and over 20 million copies of sheet music.

On the left is the Sinatra cover edition of “Full Moon And Empty Arms” inscribed “Hal. We were all so young and beautifully handsome, Buddy” 10-4-99.

In the Collection we have:

1.      His full contract page signature, on a Charles Aznavour song written with Hal Shaper.

2.      A TLS to Hal Shaper dated 8th September 1999 signed “all good wishes Buddy” enclosing:

A signed photograph inscribed “To friend and colleague, respectfully, Buddy Kaye”

  1. Further unsigned photograph teaching a class at UCLA
  1. Signed sheet music copies of:

    “I’ll Close My Eyes”
    “Full Moon And Empty Arms”
    “Till The End Of Time”
    “Christmas Alphabet”
    “Speedy Gonzales”

5.      A post-card sent to Hal Shaper from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas dated 14th March 1976 reading: “Hi! My New York Fashion Show was a wow! Thank God! Having a ball-next week LA. Take care. See you soon. Best wishes for Alan.” Alan Holmes, the CEO at Robbins Music at the time (and for whom Shaper had originally been a song-plugger) signed ‘Buddy Kaye’.

6.      A handwritten letter signed “ Buddy” which Buddy Kaye sent Hal Shaper On the 10th October 1999

Also included is a list of 33 of his major hits with recordings available, his CV and credits in film and television and a list of the books he has authored including The Gift Of Acabar which has sold half a million copies to date. 


Included in the file are the stories of the writing of many of his songs. 


Buddy is an old buddy, whose wisdom, humour, and clarity of mind remains at eighty-two a continuing joy.


The Dinah Shore cover of ‘I’ll Close My Eyes”, signed “ … Oh, for the days when Dinah and I were a twosome! musically speaking ! Buddy Kaye.

The Dinah Shore cover of “A Penny A Kiss” “To Hal, The ‘penny’ is practically worthless but this song still earns a few”, signed Buddy Kaye 10.4.99.

First edition sheet music of “This Is No Laughing Matter” inscribed “To Hal a first edition of my first hit song to a first rate guy. Buddy Kaye” 1999

“‘A’ – You’re Adorable”, first edition signed “A You’re Adorable - How did you manage to secure a First Edition? Your colleague Buddy “K” 1999”.

“Till The End Of Time” with Chopin on the cover signed “To Hal, an early photograph of yours truly! Buddy Kaye” 10/4/99.