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Richard Burton


GRAMMY AWARD-WINNER "Best Children's Recording"

"One of the most treasurable audio recordings ever made" …LOS ANGELES TIMES

“The Little Prince” animated movie scheduled for U.S. distribution by Paramount was slated to premiere in theatres March 18, 2016, but several days prior to the opening it was reported that the movie will instead have its U.S. premiere on NetFlix, August 5, 2016. While children and grownups alike await their chance to stream the new film adaptation of the classic story, rdkRecords invites you and your loved ones to rediscover the most beloved and celebrated audio recording of "The Little Prince," narrated by Richard Burton (Grammy Award Winner "Best Children's Recording") on iTunes.

The poignant, life-and-death odyssey offers timeless lessons when The Little Prince miraculously appears in the Sahara desert and tells a downed Aviator of his love for a Rose, and tales of the very strange grownups he encountered on his interplanetary journey. Disillusioned and saddened, his childlike innocence is regained when The Little Prince tames a Fox who tells him: "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

In addition to Richard Burton (who plays the Aviator), the celebrated cast also features Jonathan Winters (as the King, and the Snake), John Carradine (as the Fox, Geographer, and Conceited Man), Jim Backus (as the Businessman, Tippler, and Railway Switchman), Claudine Longet (as the Rose), Mark Conrad (as the Lamplighter), and Billy Simpson (now affectionately known as Whimsical Will of the Dr. Demento radio show) as “The Little Prince.”

World-renowned songwriter/lyricist, the late Buddy Kaye (“'A' You're Adorable,” “Full Moon and Empty Arms,” “I'll Close My Eyes,” “Till The End of Time,” “Quiet Nights,” “The Old Songs”), produced, directed and did the book adaptation for the Grammy Award-winning album. His son, Richard D. Kaye, was associate producer and was instrumental in securing the license to record “The Little Prince” from representatives of the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry estate.

According to Richard D. Kaye, Burton declined the role of the Aviator in the 1974 Paramount Pictures live action musical, choosing instead to narrate the audio recording. “We were thrilled that an actor of Burton's stature, with that majestic voice, would consider working with an indie record production company - for a fraction of his million-dollar fee,” said Kaye. And, to further accommodate us “He traveled at his own expense by limo from a Northern California film location to Hollywood for our two-day recording session. Richard Burton loved “The Little Prince” and his decision to decline the role of the Aviator in the Paramount live action film paid off when he won a Grammy Award in 1975 for his narration of “The Little Prince” album - and the movie turned out to be a box office disappointment.”

Pioneer music, film and TV composer Mort Garson (“the First Space-Age Composer”) created the entire album score on a Moog synthesizer, the forerunner of the electronic music of today.

Praise for the Grammy-winning album included: “Best Children's Recording” …NATIONAL ACADEMY OF RECORDING ARTS & SCIENCES; “One of the most treasurable audio recordings ever made” …LOS ANGELES TIMES CALENDAR; “A Parents' Choice Classic” …PARENTS' CHOICE FOUNDATION; “An amazing cast of performers” …WGBH RADIO, Boston; and "A treasure for families to share" …TV GUIDE (Parents' Guide to Children's Entertainment)

Richard D. Kaye, was assigned copyright ownership of “The Little Prince” Sound Recording in 1986, and has since licensed distribution rights to Cassette Book Company, Newman Communications, Warner Bros./Music for Little People, BMG Record Club, iTunes, and amazon mp3. Out of his love for this recording and the timeless message of the book - “what is essential is invisible to the eye” - he has dedicated his career to keeping this album available to the public as technology and distribution channels changed over the past five decades.

“While other adaptations may come and go, the Grammy Award-winning narration of “The Little Prince” by Richard Burton, based on the original 1943 Katherine Woods translation, remains truest to the spirit and eloquence of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's magnificent words and will forever touch the hearts of listeners around the world,” said Kaye.


…and share this timeless classic with your loved ones!

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